With FIFA 19 being released next month, fans are hyped to get their hands on the new game. Featuring over 70 new stadiums, game plans that can be set up before matches, new game modes such as No Rules and now with the addition of the CSL and Champions League, it’s easy to see why people are looking forward to it.

As it’s like every year with the new edition of FIFA, people are always wondering about player ratings. Thanks to leaked images, we can answer some of those questions. Recently, an image leaked Real Madrid player ratings and even though Cristiano Ronaldo left Los Blancos in July, Real Madrid will still be a tough team to beat in FIFA 19.

Real MadridIsco and Casemiro benefited the most with each of their ratings going up by 3 points. With impressive displays in Real Madrid’s most crucial matches from these 2, especially in the Champions League, leaves few to doubt this generous upgrade. Marcelo, Ramos, Varane, and Modric, Asensio, Courtois, and Vazquez’s ratings all increased as well. However, what will catch most people’s eye is Benzema’s downgrade from 86 to now an 84. Struggling to find the back of the net last season, it seems FIFA decided to punish him this year.

It was also revealed that the former Madrid man, now Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo will most likely be the highest rated player with a rating of 94.

Fifa 19 rankings

Here are some of the ratings for Madrid’s squad:

Isco: 89, Bale: 88, Asensio: 85, Kroos: 90, Modric: 91, Casemiro: 88

Marcelo: 88, Ramos: 91, Varane: 86, Carvajal: 84, Courtois: 90

Benzema: 84, Vazquez: 83